Scalable Marketing

ZenGrowth is a Munich based growth agency that helps tech companies reach a new level of growth. ZenGrowth takes advantage of expert growth hackers in order to produce hyper growth for its clients.


In order to implement various growth strategies like Content Marketing, ZenGrowth has had to build Blogs, Optimized Landing Pages and CMS systems for their clients. This came with its own challenges as ZenGrowth is specialized in online marketing and not software development. Hiring and sourcing for skilled development isn’t always easy when that is not your core focus.


By enabling a partnership with Softup, ZenGrowth now has access to a pool of expert developers specializing in:

  • Landing Page design and implementation
  • Content Management Systems implementation
  • Website performance and Analytics tests
  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • Website back-end architecture
  • Database & Server integration

By partnering with Softup on the technology front, ZenGrowth can now go back and focus on serving their clients with what they really excel at; marketing and growth strategy.

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